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                        Professor HOMEM PEDRA


The Topázio Group can be easily recognized, since it has a unique style followed by all members of the group since its formation, making the jogo style as easily recognized wherever you look. All members remain united because they have the same philosophy and the same objective in relation to Capoeira: raising more and more awareness, making it popular and practiced worldwide.

International Group Topázio Capoeira was born in Salva​dor in the Bay on 29 March 1988 by the founder Raimundo dos Santos, better known as Mestre Dinho. Topázio has been developing important work with its own methods and philosophy distinct from that of other groups that exist today. With a strong technical Capoeira, Grupo Capoeira Topázio is spreading in three aspects of great relevance to the world of Capoeira.

1) - Capoeira Art & Citizenship
2) - Capoeira Show
3) - Capoeira FIGHT

Mestre Dinho himself says: "Capoeira has always been and always will be a struggle." Well known in Bahia, Brazil, and the rest of the world, the Topázio Group performs the work of highly studied Capoeira techniques, introduced by Mestre, but always keeping the roots of Capoeira  (Angola and Regional).

Since its inception, when Mestre Dinho began training Capoeira, he sought knowledge of other martial arts such as Taekwondo, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, etc. But he always remained faithful to Capoeira. His goal was to learn the different techniques and what he found best in each one of them to give greater efficiency to techniques in Capoeira. Over time, he became one of the most famous and respected capoeiristas. Capoeira Topázio is neither more nor less than a perfect and harmonious combination of techniques, making it an instrument of defence, capable of providing security, confidence and tranquility to its practitioners.

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